Material Identification and Monitoring

Raman spectroscopy is a technique that characterizes the inelastic scattering of photons in covalently bound molecules. This scattering defines what is known as the material’s molecular fingerprint, crystallinity, and other specifications. Raman provides an invaluable analytical tool for molecular fingerprinting used in material identification and monitoring changes in molecular bond structure (e.g., state changes, stresses, and strains).

Avantes uses the high-sensitivity AvaSpec spectrometers in combination with a wide variety of lasers (including 532 and 785 nm) to give you the best result for your Raman measurements. The spectrometers are appropriately configured according to the wavelength of the laser.

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TEC Cooling

AvaRaman-TEC series spectrometers have a Peltier thermoelectric cooling system, which provides down to -30°C cooling to ambient for superior dark noise reduction, keeping the detector at a steady 5°C. Thanks to the PID (Proportional (P), Integral (I), and Derivative (D) controller, this temperature is stable within a 0.1°C bandwidth. Every 5 – 7°C temperature reduction means a 50% reduction in dark noise.


Special Raman probes are available for both fluids and solid substances. They feature different focal lengths, and special versions for high temperature and/or high pressure are available. They are optimized for various specific excitation wavelengths.

Raman probes 2


Avantes offers ideal lasers for Raman spectroscopy due to their narrow bandwidth (<0.1 nm): an exact wavelength is critical for the correct excitation of the molecules. Drift fluctuation is very low: under 0.25% for 8 hours, perfect for reaction monitoring. Many different wavelengths are available.


Included with AvaSoft software, the Raman-module enables complete control over your Raman spectroscopy system. Learn more about the Raman features on the productpage.

Also available is Panorama© software, a sophisticated modular spectroscopy software platform for demanding end users who require special analytical functions. It allows the manipulation of all 2D and 3D spectroscopic data with just a few mouse clicks. It features mathematical noise reduction, functional group assignment, and advanced reaction-monitoring capabilities. 

Panorama Light© software is a slim version of Panorama©, which is only available in combination with our AvaRaman bundles.


Avantes has developed three different bundles for Raman measurements. These AvaRaman bundles measure various materials. We offer multiple bundles containing all the products you need for basic Raman applications, such as powder and fluid analysis, to the more challenging measurements like weak signals with fluorescent backgrounds.

Why choose Avantes for your Raman application?

  • High-temperature Raman probes
  • 3-stage Peltier cooling for extremely high sensitivity
  • Raman bundles with laser and spectrometer included
  • Extensive knowledge of various Raman applications

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Application Examples

Below are detailed application notes on various uses of irradiance spectroscopy in different applications and industries.