In cases where size matters, the AvaSpec CompactLine family offers
spectrometers with one of the smallest form factors on the market today.
This compact size enables easier integration of our spectrometers into OEM
and handheld devices.

Squeezing down the size hardly compromises the performance of our
CompactLine instruments and with the multiple configurations available,
the AvaSpec-Mini series can be used for numerous applications in various

Compact spectrometer BO


This versatile and powerful device, available in three configurations, is sure to revolutionize the world of spectroscopy.

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Since the AvaSpec-Mini is produced using our semi-automated production
process, called AvaMation, we can ensure high unit-to-unit reproducibility. Equipped with
CMOS detectors and advanced electronics and communications, these
miniature spectrometers offer both high resolution and speed!

The CompactLines’ Endless Possibilities

Why choose Avantes for your application?

  • Market leader in developing high-end fibre-optic spectroscopy systems
  • Nearly 30 years of experience and extensive industry and application knowledge
  • The best engineers who perform feasibility studies to find the right solution for your application
  • A support team that never sleeps and provides second-to-none customer service

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