AvaSoft is our in-house designed software package to control all Avantes spectrometers and a wide range of accessories. The latest version of AvaSoft works with the latest Windows versions. Since the initial version of AvaSoft in 1996, we have released a significant upgrade yearly, featuring improvements and new possibilities.

When you purchase a spectrometer, a lifetime license key to the chosen software package is stored on the spectrometer and is not computer dependent. We offer several add-ons to perform specific measurements like color and irradiance. Our interface packages for Windows and Linux libraries provide a seamless connection to your software.

Do you need help choosing the right software? Contact us and we will gladly assist you!

Use the Login button below to download our AvaSoft software for free. Please get in touch with us to request access to downloading libraries or custom DLL files.

Besides our own software, we offer Panorama© and Specline Analytical software for specific demands in capabilities. Below you can find the different types of software and click through to learn more.