Get the best of two worlds with the AvaLight-DHc. It has both a deuterium light source and a halogen light source, providing you with adequate light between 200 and 2500 nm for nearly all absorbance chemistry applications. Deuterium emits light between 200 and 550 nm, whereas halogen emits light of up to 2500 nm. Coupling to the rest of your spectroscopy system is easy with the SMA connector.

This light source is recommended in settings with large fibre cables or direct-attachment to a cuvette holder such as the CUV-DA, due to its relatively low output energy. The integrated TTL-shutter makes saving a dark measurement very simple in combination with AvaSoft (extra IC-DB26-2 needed).

The AvaLight-DHc is optionally available in a rack-mountable version, to be used in the 19” rack or the 9.5” desktop system.

A direct-attach cuvette holder CUV-DA is available for fluorescence or absorbance measurements.


  • Combined deuterium and halogen light source
  • Integrated TTL shutter
  • Low-cost solution for absorbance applications

Product Information

Deuterium light source Halogen light source
Wavelength range 200-400 nm 400-2500 nm
Stability < 1 mAU < 1 mAU
Warm-up time 8 min 1 min
Drift < 0.25%/h < 0.25%/h
Optical power in 600 µm fiber 0.2 µWatt 7 µWatt
Lamp lifetime 1000 hours 2000 hours
Temperature range 5°C – 35°C 5°C – 35°C
Power supply 12VDC / 450mA 12VDC / 450mA
Dimensions, weight 175 x 110 x 44 mm, 570 g 175 x 110 x 44 mm, 570 g
AvaLight-DHc Compact Deuterium Halogen Light Source with TTL Shutter
IC-DB26-2 Interface cable AvaSpec-USB2 platform to AvaLight-DHc-TTL-shutter
AvaLight-DHc-RM Rackmount Compact Deuterium Halogen Light Source with TTL Shutter
AvaLight-DHc-B Compact Deuterium Halogen Replacement Bulb
CUV-DA Direct attach cuvette holder for AvaLight-DHc/XE/LED
PS-12V/2.08A Power supply 100-240VAC/12VDC, 2.08A for AvaLight-DHc