Avantes spectrometers feature great flexibility, offering multiple Input/Output connections. These IO can be used with Avasoft 8 (Time Series) or with customized applications. The DEVKITs are designed to make life easier in the development stage. Instead of fabricating or soldering a cable with the right connections, you can now easily connect using the screw terminals.

The AVS-DEVKIT-AS5216 contains the PCB-IO-EXT-BES Printed Circuit Board. This board has several screw terminals for easy connectivity to the IO points, a BNC connector for the input trigger as well a push-button for manual control.

All outputs have a LED indicating their status (selectable with jumpers). Furthermore, RS232 connectors are provided. For the ASC version a power, USB, and SYNC connector are on the PCB. The PCB-IO-EXT-BES will be connected to the AvaSpec-ULS or AvaSpecULSi IO Connector with an interface cable.

Since the AS-7010 and the AS-5216 electronic boards share the same IO connections, the AVS-DEVKIT-AS5216 can also be used in combination with the AS-7010 electronics board.

Product Information

AVS-DEVKIT-AS5216 Developer Kit consisting of: PCB-IO-EXT-BES Printed Circuit Board for connection to Avantes Spectrometers with AS5216 or AS7010 electronics boards, to easily control and connect signals to the IO connector. IC-IOEXT-DB26 connection cable to connect the board to DB26 connector.
Service-Mini-MKII-IO Service part: Set of mating connectors and wires for AvaSpec-MINI MKII IO connectors.(3 connectors/ 30 wires) This set conss: 3 x mating connector Wurth WTB series 665 010 113 322 and 30 x 150mm precrimped cable Wurth WTB series 665 010 130 115