The AvaLight-XE-HP is a pulsed xenon light source, perfect for ultraviolet applications, such as fluorescence. This high-power light source comes in a compact housing, making it very well-suited for integration into a customers existing systems. Compared to the AvaLight-XE (2W), the XE-HP provides significantly more power. 

When connected to your AvaSpec spectrometer through the Y cable, the flashes are synchronized with the data collected by the spectrometer. The number of flashes per scan can be selected in AvaSoft. 


  • Compact pulsed xenon light source
  • Perfect for fluorescence
  • Easy to integrate

Product Information

Spectral output 200 nm to 1000 nm
Total optical power output Max. 6 W/39 mJ per flash
Synchronization input 9 pin sub-D connector, TTL level
Pulse rate (max.) 150 Hz
Long life > 1,0 x 10 9 flashes
Connector SMA-950 connector
Power requirement 11-28 VDC/2.08 A
Dimensions, weight 98 x 44 x 35 mm, 192 g
AvaLight-XE-HP 6 W xenon light source (200-1000 nm) with Y-cable for powered trigger connection to AvaSpec-EVO. Needs PS-12V/2.08A power supply
PS-12V/2.08A Power supply 100-240 VAC/12 VDC, 2.08 A for AvaLight-XE-HP
CC-VIS/NIR-SMA Cosine Corrector with diffusing material for UV/VIS/NIR. Onde side SMA-female; Other SMA-male
IC-XE-HP-WTB-2 Interface cable incl. pwr, DB9 to WTB and pwr, 2m for XE-HP to AvaSpec-Mini MK2 IO connector and power supply