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Avantes, the leading OEM spectroscopy manufacturer and designer is the best choice for high-quality and highly reproducible spectroscopy solutions for low-volume and high-volume customers.

We take pride in collaborating with our customers to supply the right solution. Whether you need a custom-configured optical bench or a specialized fiber-optic probe, we have the experience and dedication to make it happen. While we gladly develop custom-made devices, we also offer several modular and highly configurable OEM options.

Our partnership approach to working with original equipment manufacturers is at the core of our success and philosophy as a business. Our sales engineers follow a methodical needs analysis and solution-definition process with our customers to ensure we develop a solution that perfectly aligns with your needs and timeline.

Industries and Applications

We have many years of experience in applying spectroscopy and optical sensing technologies to numerous environments and industries. Avantes support OEM customers on different levels, including opto-mechanical, electronics and software, but we can also assist you with project management. Below are some examples of different applications we have worked with in different industries.

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Why choose Avantes for your OEM application?

  • Custom-made spectrometers, fiber-optic cables and accessories
  • Custom software options and DLL packages to create your own software
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with several applications and industries
  • Open communication and advice to find the perfect solution for your specific application

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Innovative Design and Technology

Avantes has introduced many industry firsts in our products, such as on-board processing, replaceable slits and wireless interfaces. We have been trendsetting in timing, triggering, and fast data acquisition, utilizing an FPGA (field-programmable gate array) in our electronics design and offering flexibility in supporting many different detector types, on-board spectrometer calibration coefficients, and much more. Several of these developments were the result of the close collaboration with our OEM customers.

Optical Benches

The AvaBench line of optical benches offers a robust selection of designs and configurations to meet the form factor and technical specifications for every application With several configurations and standard detector options, our AvaBench is configurable to meet your needs. Independent optics and electronics offer greater flexibility and modularity. All instruments are available either as enclosed instruments or OEM modules.

Avantes Open Bench

Our innovative ultra-low-stray light (ULS) optical bench provides superior stray light rejection in a design which has superb thermal and structural stability. Our high-sensitivity (HS) optical bench is designed for superior throughput and sensitivity with a full 0.22 numerical aperture.

The AvaBench optical benches are available separately for integration with a customer’s own electronics or in conjunction with our AS-7010 USB3 and Gigabit Ethernet electronics. This bench is available with the industry-standard SMA-905 or FC/PC connectors, but custom-made, non-fiber-optic entrances can be implemented as well if necessary.


Our detectors cover the wide wavelength range of 200 to 2500 nm, or from ultraviolet to visible to near-infrared wavelengths. For each application we offer a wide selection of detectors which can also be combined into a multi-channel spectrometer configuration. The number of spectrometer channels per system are only limited by computing power and USB specifications.

Avantes will assist you in making a choice from our line-up of different detectors and assist you with the configuration for an appropriate setup. Multiple operation modes can be selected, including (un)synchronized mode, trigger mode, and/or continuous-acquisition mode. All this is supported by the DLL interface packages we offer. If you need more channels later on, you can simply add them to the system and you will be ready to go.

Compact Spectrometers

Our innovative miniature spectrometers from our CompactLine are produced with the latest semi-automated production technology, providing excellent unit-to-unit reproducibility and temperature stability, making them ideal for OEM applications in small machines and portable handheld devices. This miniature spectrometer is also available in a bench-only version.

Housing Options

For OEM customers that require housed spectrometers, we provide a number of single-channel and multi-channel spectrometer housing options, including a 19″ rack-mountable enclosure that can hold up to 10 spectrometers. Enclosures can also be made custom to suit your needs.


Avantes instruments can be controlled via our proprietary AvaSoft software, an easy-to-use Windows application to perform spectroscopic measurements.

However, most OEM customers prefer to develop their own controlling software, which is why we offer a 32-bit and native 64-bit dynamic link library (DLL), also known as SDK or API, for Microsoft Windows and interface packages for Linux. This Windows library comes with several sample programs in LabView, C#, C++, Qt, Visual Basic .NET, MatLab and Delphi to get you started with controlling your spectrometers. Avantes also has a Linux API with sample programs for customers working with open-source board PCs. For our OEM customers who are interested in addressing our instruments at a more fundamental level (USB or RS-232), we offer a low-level interface protocol description.

Avantes software engineering team is experienced in developing customer-specific application software for customers who require certain functionalities and can assist you with the implementation of your software.

Visit our Software section to learn more.

Custom Fiber-Optic Cables and Probes

The use of fiber optics as light guidance allows a great modularity and flexibility in the setup of an optical measurement system. For high-quality fiber optics, as used in spectroscopic applications, synthetic fused silica (amorphous silicon dioxide) is used as the fiber core that can be intentionally doped with trace elements to adjust the optical properties of the glass fiber surrounding it.
Exclusively available at Avantes is our broadband fiber-optic cable, offering the ideal combination of UV/VIS and VIS/NIR fiber optics.

For some applications, a very specific fiber-optic cable or probe is needed. Avantes has many years of experience in the design of custom probes for unique applications. We have significant expertise in designing fiber optics for high temperatures (up to 200°C), high pressure, vacuum, and other challenging conditions. Our wide variety of standard and custom materials can be configured to provide a fibre assembly that can meet the challenges of your environment. These include Hastelloy, Peek, and ceramics.

Special fiber arrangements and specific fiber orientation in custom-designed fiber tips are part of our line of products. This ensures maximum effectiveness of the fibers, adapted to your process.

Avantes is the ideal partner not only for custom fiber optics, but also for standard fiber optics. In lower or higher quantities, we offer solarization-resistant fiber cables, ones especially designed for wavelengths below 250 nm, as well as our range of broadband fibre cables that offer the best choice in the 250-2500 nm range.

Ensuring Quality

To fully utilize the vast possibilities of Avantes spectrometer systems, our sales engineers work closely together with you to fulfil your every need. Our state-of-the-art design centre then creates the tailor-made solution as discussed. After extensive testing, a prototype is made. We will start production only if this perfectly aligns with your needs.

Every spectrometer that leaves our premises undergoes thorough testing before it ships. These tests include, but are by no means limited to: thermal cycling, detector alignment, resolution, stray light, and sensitivity tests. Only those spectrometers that fall within a very narrow bandwidth of the desired specifications are the ones that we consider good enough for you.

Your Partner in Spectroscopy

  • Precision Technology: Our (compact) spectrometers offer unparalleled accuracy and versatility.
  • Custom software options and DLL packages: To create your own software
  • Custom Integration: Tailored solutions to seamlessly fit your product needs.
  • Expert Support: Dedicated team for continuous assistance.

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