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Optical spectroscopy is a technique for measuring light intensity in the ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared and infrared wavelength ranges. Spectroscopic measurements are being used in many different applications, such as color measurements, concentration determination of chemical components or electromagnetic radiation analyses. 

To separate our extensive number of instruments, we have defined four different spectrometer product lines:

AvaSpec StarLine

The AvaSpec StarLine family of instruments is comprised of high-performance spectrometers which exceed the demands of most general spectroscopy applications. The StarLine includes high-speed instruments for process control, high-resolution instruments for demanding applications like atomic emission measurements and versatile instruments for common applications such as irradiance and absorbance chemistry.

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AvaSpec SensLine

The AvaSpec SensLine family of products is Avantes’ response to customers who require higher performance for demanding spectroscopy applications such as fluorescence, luminescence and Raman. The AvaSpec SensLine productline includes several high-sensitivity, low-noise spectrometers. Some of the instruments feature back-thinned detector technology, of which some are our high-performance, thermoelectrically cooled detectors. The other models feature standard CCDs, upgraded to high-performing instruments as a result of Avantes' unique detector cooling technology.

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AvaSpec NIRLine

The AvaSpec NIRLine instruments are high-performance, near-infrared spectrometers that are optimized for the demands of measuring long wavelengths. This line provides leading-edge performance for dispersive NIR instruments with toroidal focusing mirrors and dynamic dark correction for enhanced stability. The NIRLine is comprised of both thermoelectrically cooled and uncooled instruments. 

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AvaSpec CompactLine

Miniature spectroscopy redefined. That's what we consider the CompactLine series spectrometers. The new generation AvaSpec-Mini MK-II series (AvaSpec-Mini2048/4096CL) is definitely one of the smallest spectrometers on the market today. In cases where size matters, the AvaSpec CompactLine family offers spectrometers with the smallest form factor. This enables easier integration of our spectrometers into machines and handheld devices.

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