June Spectra of the Month: Blood Profusion

Reflection Spectra- Left Thumb
Reflection Spectra- Left Thumb
Reflection Spectra- Left Thumb|| Reflection Spectra- Left Thumb||

This month, Avantes, Inc. has been studying biomediccal applications. We researched the development of non-invasive optical blood glucose measurements and discovered Avantes equipment at the forefront of optical diagnostic measurement research. The Avantes, Inc. engineering team volunteered as test subjects to test a set up for blood profusion measurements.   

Attached and below are screenshots of the data acquired when measuring the effects of cutting off blood circulation in the thumb, a downloadable data file, and a downloadable PDF of the original University of Ronstock research that inspired the experiment

The experiment involved the use of a rubberband to temporaily restrict blood flow to the subjects thumbs while a spectra reading was acquired each second for 180 seconds total measurement time. Risk of injury to the subjects due to temporary blood flow restriction was minimal.

Equipment used:

Spectrometer: AvaSpec-2048x16-RS-USB2 SLIT 100 INSTALLED SN 1509048U1 IB, from 600-1112 nm (594-1124 measured), OSF-600
Fiber: FC-UVIR600-1-BX SN 1609152
Light: AvaSphere-50-LS-HAL-6-S1 SN 1312031
Software: AvaSoft Absorbance Mode & Reflection Mode Averaging = 100 Integration Time = 3ms

Equipment set up 

blood profusion system setup1 blood profusion system setup1

Spectra Images

Absorption Spectra
Right Thumb
Reflection Spectra
Right Thumb
Absorption Spectra
Left Thumb
Reflection Spectra
Left Thumb

Downloadable Files

U. of Ronstock