Optical spark emission spectrometry is one of the most effective solutions for metal analyzing. Many foundries and factories are using instruments based on spark emission.

Optical Emission Analyzer

The company ‘Control System Abzar Novin’ is designing its first own optical emission analyzer by proper experience in the field of analytical
instrument. This instrument involves creating a spark as electrical energy between an electrode and a metal sample. Vaporized atoms come in a high energy state called discharge plasma. The spark has specific characteristics in terms of voltage and frequency for exciting different type of samples.

After a proper spark, excited atoms and ions create a unique emission spectrum specific to each element. Thus, a single element generates numerous characteristic spectral emission lines. Therefore, the light generated by the discharge is a collection of the spectral lines generated by the elements in the sample.

This light is brought to a spectrometer designed and made by Avantes. Two
different ranges of optics were included to analyze the emission spectrum.
The intensity of each spark emission spectrum depends on the concentration of the element in the sample. Spectrometers with CCD detectors measure the intensity of the spectrum.

The most important part of having the best possible analysis is the software you use. AvaSoft spectroscopy software uses this collected data to calibrate optics and perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of the elements.

Optical Spark Emission Spectroscopy image

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