About Klaas
Klaas started as a Sales Engineer but now fulfills the role of OEM Manager. “I have seen Avantes grow from a small company in Eerbeek to the beautiful organization it is today,” says Klaas. “Via a tradeshow in Utrecht, I came in contact with Avantes and was immediately fascinated by the possibilities of spectroscopy. I applied for a job immediately and never left,” Klaas continues. When we ask what Klaas likes most about his job, he says: “Analyzing and researching with customers, so we design the ideal solution based on their wishes and needs.”

“I still have so much motivation and drive for my work. All of my colleagues are also so enthusiastic, it’s contagious”.

What kind of organization is Avantes, in your opinion?
It was never Klaas’ first intention to stay at Avantes for so long, but he still enjoys his work. “I think I’ll never leave,” says Klaas enthusiastically. “There is so much variety in spectroscopy and in all the markets we operate in. That continuously gives me inspiration, drive, and motivation. In addition, everyone in the company is so enthusiastic, which is contagious and keeps you enthusiastic as well”, he continues. Klaas finds Avantes an exciting company for its multidisciplinary character with many different people, stories, and backgrounds. “The diversity within Avantes is what makes it so much fun to work here,” he says. “Customers drive us to get the most out of ourselves, the organization, and our products. That’s a challenge every time, one that lets you develop on a personal level, but also as a company. You are involved in the first stages of technological innovation and progress”.

Within Klaas’ team, there is a pleasant atmosphere. “Many of us know each other for a long time, so you can joke around a bit more, for example. We have a strong connection as a team and work hard to please our customers. Everyone in the team has their own specialization, so you can support each other with their customers’ applications, if necessary. I always enjoy this because it allows you to take a look behind the scenes with other customers their yours,” Klaas explains.

How do you see the future of Avantes?
“I am convinced that there will be more and more product developments and innovations in the near future. This will allow us to deliver even more added value to the customer,” he says. “Of that, I’m convinced because that’s also part of my job: translating as much information as possible from the market into new innovating product ideas. In this way, we can better serve our current and future customers,” concludes Klaas.