About Erwin
Since December 2020, Erwin has been working as Warehouse Manager at Avantes. “The international character of the company appealed to me; I immediately saw a challenge when looking at the job profile,” Erwin explains. And having a challenge in his daily work is what Erwin finds essential. “We are growing fast, which offers a lot of opportunities and constantly challenges you to work differently,” he adds.

“Avantes operates as one big team, instead of different departments. This results in the feeling that we make our products together from start to finish.” 

What kind of organization is Avantes, in your opinion?
In Erwin’s opinion, Avantes is a modern and innovative company that’s very customer-oriented. “We continually develop new products and see opportunities without losing sight of the customer’s wishes,” Erwin explains enthusiastically. “In addition, we have a nice atmosphere, think outside the box, and work together as 1 big team. This results in the feeling that we make our products together from start to finish.” 

Erwin indicates that the management pays a lot of attention to the employees. “Outside working hours activities are organized between colleagues. There is always fruit in the cafeteria, and we even have a fitness opportunity. During the pandemic, our managers brought everyone a care package at home, which in my opinion characterizes the organization”. Erwin sees this reflected in the commitment from all employees. “Everyone is very proud of the products we design and manufacture, myself included. I enjoy being at work every day, so much so that I am willing to travel for more than 50 minutes each day”.

How do you see the future of Avantes?
Erwin is positive when we ask him about his view on the future. “I have a lot of confidence in Avantes’ future. We offer a great product and continually grow, so that can only result in a bright future if you ask me!” he concludes.