EVO series

Avantes EVO Series: The EVO-lution of Spectroscopy

At Avantes, we pride ourselves on being a leading innovator in the field of spectroscopy, and we couldn’t be more excited about the addition of the EVO line of spectrometers to the Avantes product family. Avantes products are highly customizable, adaptable to almost any application, and integrated into even the smallest housings. Avantes spectrometers are ideal for OEM applications, as well as in the scientific and industrial world. The EVO series is the next generation of spectrometers.

Innovative Electronics

The EVO series features the new Avantes AS-7010 electronics board equipped with a powerful Xilinx Zynq 7010 microprocessor. The AS-7010 combines the software programmability of the processor with the hardware programmability of a FPGA (field-programmable gate array), resulting in unrivalled performance and flexibility. The generous 100mb memory enables onboard storage of data and the AS-7010 board comes equipped with 2 different analogue-to-digital converters for optimal performance.

Better On-Board Processing

The onboard processing power of the Xilinx Zinq 7010 processor in the AS-7010 board is far more advanced than legacy system components. This processor chip is equipped with a dual-core ARM Cortex integrated with Artix-7 programmable logic of a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). The AS-7010 board offers 1 GHz peak processing performance as well as 50x larger onboard memory capable of storing 50,000 spectra.

Faster Communication

The EVO series offers USB3.0 connectivity, 10x faster than USB2 at 5 Gb/s. The EVO series also offers a secondary communications port via GigaEthernet which facilitates remote process control and long distance interface easily at a transfer speed of 1 Gbps.

Superior Signal to Noise

The EVO line employs two AD (analogue to digital) converters to ensure optimal performance for each product configuration. The AD converter selection is determined by product configuration and optimizes either for speed or sensitivity. Both AD converters, however, provide exceptional signal to noise performance.

Features and Options

There are also several options for the EVO series that ensure successful deployment in almost any application, including deep UV detector coatings for better performance in the deep UV range, detector collection lenses to enhance sensitivity in the 200-1100 nm range, order-sorting filters to reduce second order effects, and purge ports for deep UV measurements. Avantes’ EVO spectrometers also offer a wide range of slit sizes, gratings, fibre-optic port connectors, probes, replacement slits, and more.

Learn More About the EVO Series

Many of our most popular spectrometers are already available in the upgraded EVO series. Speak to your Sales Engineer or distributor today about the exciting opportunities for superior measurements with cutting-edge Avantes technology.