Photonics, including spectroscopy, has experienced significant growth in recent years as more companies, researchers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers recognize the benefits it can bring to their applications. Recognized as a key enabling technology for the 21st century by the European Commission, spectroscopy is an increasingly popular technique that can be applied in various markets and industries.

Future-proof Manufacturing With AvaMation
At Avantes, we’ve responded to this growing demand by upgrading our manufacturing process to an automated method called AvaMation. The method was introduced in 2021, but since then continuously improved. AvaMation has already enabled us to automate multiple stations in our production facility. The data collected through AvaMation so far, gave us valuable insights that help to keep improving our products.

AvaMation In Use
On January 31st, we will launch our newest spectrometer. Alongside already existing products, this spectrometer is produced with AvaMation. This way of manufacturing contributes to precision and efficiency, but it also allows for scalable production capabilities and superior inter-instrument reproducibility, enabling us to meet the needs of customers who may be ordering in large volumes. We firmly believe that our revolutionary approach will enable us to maintain our standards of exceptional product performance.

Product teaser

If you would like to learn more about AvaMation, our products, or our vision for the future of spectroscopy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

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