You may have already seen the message pop up when starting AvaSoft, but we are happy to announce that AvaSoft 8.11 is now live! You can download it via the button below. Please make sure you have the latest version installed!

The release notes of this new version of AvaSoft are listed below.

If you have any questions regarding the software, please contact us via

AvaSoft 8.11 release notes:

Changes and new features:

  • Maximum cycle time used when auto-configuring the spectrometers is now a setting.
  • When LIBS mode is disabled in the options, the measurement mode will automatically change to continuous mode.
  • First and second derivative spectra can be shown for loaded spectra.
  • Laser options now enabled for spectrometers with the HAMS13496 sensor.
  • Saving Dark, Reference, and the AutoConfigure option are now showing a progress message.
  • A full factory reset of the spectrometer can now be done in the spectrometer settings.
  • Last used file locations (for example when saving a measurement) are now saved.
  • Saving merged files is now possible when in LIBS mode.
  • Irradiance Intensity calibration values can now be saved to EEPROM and file without having to calibrate again.
  • In the Colour application, saved colour values are shown in a new ‘Database’ section in the colour window.
  • Several bug fixes; for more information, see list in AvaSoft (click on the question mark in the upper right corner and select ‘Release Notes’).