Avantes is pleased to announce the expansion of our Netherlands HQ calibration lab, located at our Apeldoorn corporate headquarters. Besides our standard calibrations, we now offer a wider range of irradiance calibration services with improved traceability to NIST for the visible and NIR wavelength range.

NIST Traceability

We have improved our NIST traceability for irradiance calibration, by providing an unbroken chain of calibrations based on a new 1000W tungsten quartz-halogen NIST standard, which is calibrated over the wavelength region from 250 nm to 2400 nm and provides a complete report and files uploaded to the EEPROM or available for easy loading into the AvaSoft-IRRAD software module. Calibration uncertainty tables are available upon request.

Avantes, Your Trusted Partner in Spectroscopy

Avantes is an ISO 9001:2015-certified developer and manufacturer of fibre-coupled spectrometers and fibre-optic devices. We have 20 years of experience, with thousands of happy customers around the world. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and stand by our products with a full 3-year limited warranty on our instruments. You can feel confident trusting your annual and ad-hoc spectrometer calibrations to the team you trust to build it.

Other Avantes Calibration Services

Standard Wavelength Calibration

Avantes continues to provide standard wavelength calibration and coefficients on all of our spectrometers; this information is installed onboard the AvaSpec’s EEPROM internal read-only memory. This standard calibration is performed using AvaLight-Cal spectral calibration light sources in Mercury-Argon (253.6-922.5 nm), Neon (337-1084.5 nm), Argon (696.5-1704 nm) Zinc (202.5-636.2 nm), and Cadmium (214.4-643.8 nm). Under normal conditions, wavelength calibration should not need to be repeated. If a wavelength shift is measured versus the original wavelength calibration, the spectrometer can be recalibrated by the end-user, using an Avalight-CAL and the auto-calibration software routine in AvaSoft-Full.

Calibration Lab 1

Linearity Calibration

Avantes’ spectrometers already demonstrate good linearity response of higher than 95% correlation between raw signal and A/D counts. Applications requiring a high dynamic range, combined with a need for high accuracy, however, can benefit from a non-linearity calibration performed on the detector array. This will improve output signal linearity to higher than 99%. A complete calibration report and the calculated NL calibration coefficients are delivered with the spectrometer. The NL-Calibration is automatically included for irradiance calibrations.

UV Irradiance Calibration

Avantes continues to offer calibration for ultraviolet irradiance in the 200-400 nm range against a irradiance calibration standard deuterium halogen light source. The complete report is delivered with the spectrometer with calibration files uploaded to the EEPROM.

Calibration Lab 2

Irradiance Calibration

Scheduling a calibration with Avantes is as easy as contacting your sales engineer or distributor to make arrangements. We strive to return calibrated instruments as quickly as possible, but please allow an appropriate amount of time for shipping and service.

The Avantes Experience Center

Our Lab is part of Avantes’ growing Spectroscopy Experience Center at our headquarters in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, where trained Avantes engineers are available to conduct feasibility testing and provide hands-on real-world application demonstrations.

When you visit the Avantes Spectroscopy Experience Center, you are free to keep any data collected; however, for safety reasons we cannot accept any samples without prior approval. To plan your visit, please email our headquarters directly to set up an appointment.

Demo Program

Avantes continues to offer an extensive demo program for on-site feasibility testing. Contact your sales engineer today to inquire.

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