Without our distributing partners, Avantes wouldn’t be the same. That’s why we would like to put them in the spotlight by introducing them through a short interview. This month in the spotlights: Pro-Lite Technology, located in the UK. We spoke with Leslie Lyons, Business Development Manager. 

About Pro-Lite Technology
Pro-Lite Technology is a British company, based in Cranfield and established in 2002. “We are a supplier of spectroscopy, photometry and spectral imaging equipment and services”, Leslie explains. “But it doesn’t stop there, we also offer lasers and laser safety equipment, optomechanics and nano-positioning products”, he adds. Pro-Lite also operates in France, Spain and in Germany, the latter trading under the name of SphereOptics GmbH. 

Avantes is an irreplaceable partner for Pro-Lite, their portfolio can address almost all spectroscopy applications 

About Leslie Lyons
Leslie is an optical metrology and spectroradiometry specialist who started working at Pro-Lite in 2021. Leslie holds an MPhys in Physics from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. “Prior to joining Pro-Lite, I spent 17 years working in both technical and commercial roles for Bentham Instruments, a British manufacturer of spectroscopic and light metrology instrumentation”, Leslie explains. He also serves as a committee member for IEC TC 76  ‘Optical radiation safety and laser equipment’ & IEC TC 34 WG6 ‘Photobiological safety’ and also for the British Standards Institute on BSI EPL/76 ‘Optical radiation safety and laser equipment’ & CH/172/6 ‘Ophthalmic instruments’.

Pro-Lite and Avantes
The partnership between Pro-Lite and Avantes began in 2019. “Avantes is an irreplaceable partner for Pro-Lite”, says Leslie. “The product portfolio can address almost all spectroscopy applications and the amount of support that Chantal and the rest of the Avantes team provides, is always impeccable, fast and efficient”, he concludes. 

Thank you for your time Leslie, we are also very happy with the partnership with Pro-Lite!

More information about Pro-Lite Technology:
Website: https://www.pro-lite.co.uk
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pro-lite-technology/
LinkedIn Leslie: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leslie-lyons

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