A key part of Avantes mission statement refers to providing state-of-the-art, innovating measuring equipment that helps humankind live longer and healthier. By providing our enabling spectroscopy solutions to (bio)medical researchers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), we can contribute to that mission and help them achieve their measurement challenges.

In this eBook we dive into multiple (bio)medical and life science applications in which spectroscopy is applied to give you a better understanding of all the opportunities spectroscopy has to offer in this market.

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Download the 25+ page free eBook and dive into a variety of (bio)medical applications in which Avantes' enabling spectroscopy solutions are applied.
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Avantes has nearly 30 years of experience working hand in hand designing tailored spectroscopy solutions across numerous industries, with more than 53.000 systems in the field. We are the trusted collaborative partner that can deliver repeatable, dependable results with un-paralleled customer service.

Any questions can be addressed to our support team by using; support@avantes.com or use our contactpage. We are happy to help!

Why choose Avantes for your medical or biomedical application?

  • Thermal stability of optical bench with 8-hour test validation
  • Ultra-low stray light design to ensure accurate measurements
  • Precise timing controls over instruments to ensure repeatable measurement procedures
  • Highly sensitive optical bench designs (HS) for maximum light collection

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