Without our distributing partners, Avantes wouldn’t be the same. That’s why we would like to put them in the spotlights by introducing them through a short interview. This month in the spotlights; Optoprim, located in France. We spoke with Arnaud Langlois, Sales Manager at Optoprim.

About Optoprim France
Since its foundation in 1994, the Optoprim Group has been established as one of the main players in the European Laser & Photonic market. “As a supplier and distributor of well-selected components and solutions of global leading manufacturers, we offer solutions at any integration level”, Arnaud explains. “We own a high technical know-how and a widespread product range to support research requests as well as industrial OEM-partners in realizing their projects”, Arnaud adds. With subsidiaries in Paris, Milan, Rome and Munich the Optoprim Group counts over 50 employees and keeps on growing. 

Every day is different and completely new. That is what’s so unique about spectroscopy!

About Arnaud Langlois
Arnaud started working with Optoprim, the same year the partnership with Avantes started. “I’m Arnaud Langlois, 40 years old and together with Yann and Baptiste involved in the Avantes support in France. In my spare time I like to be on the sea, running or climbing mountains”, Arnaud says. “But what I love is the fact that I can move all over France to meet customers, discovering their applications and requirements. Every day is different and completely new. That’s so unique about spectroscopy”.

Optoprim and Avantes
Avantes and Optoprim partnered up in 2003. “We’ve had so many good times with the Avantes team since then”, Arnaud explains. “But that’s not all. I think we, at Optoprim, have the same view on our work as Avantes does. To be reactive, be close to the customer and offer strong support to each project. We both have a real interest in understanding where and how we can help our customers. That’s one of the things I like about our partnership; that we share the same view on our work which makes working together very pleasant”, Arnaud concludes.

We are very proud of the partnership with Optoprim.


More information about Optoprim France:
Website: www.optoprim.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/optoprim