Without our distributing partners, Avantes wouldn’t be the same. That’s why we would like to put them in the spotlights by introducing them through a short interview. This month in the spotlights; Protrustech, located in Taiwan. We spoke with Cheng Wei Huang, Sales Manager. 

About Protrustech (PTT)
Protrustech is a Taiwanese company, established in 2008. It has multiple branches, with their headquarters located in Tainan. “We are a manufacturer of Micro-Raman and act as agents worldwide for our products. Our clients are from universities, medical-related and manufacturing industries. With our team of 15 employees, we keep on expanding”, Cheng Wei explains. “We also have a P2 laboratory in Zhongxing University (NCHU), which we are very happy with”, he adds.

My main job in the company is investigating which setup is best for our customers and help them get their experiment going.

About Cheng Wei Huang
Cheng Wei has been working with Protrustech for 2 years now. “My Taiwanese name is Cheng Wei, but people outside Asia call me Jerry”, Cheng Wei says. “My main job in the company is investigating which setup is best for our customers and help them get their experiment going. My main focus is resource engineering, the course content is mainly materials and petroleum engineering. I really enjoy my job, because it variates every time”, he adds. In his free time, Cheng Wei likes to play basketball, play video games and reading books about science and architecture. 

Protrustech and Avantes
Avantes and Protrustech partnered up in 2013 and became our exclusive partner in Taiwan in 2018. “We are a manufacturer of Raman microscopy, but still needed spectrometers. The performance of Avantes’ spectrometers met our needs perfectly, so the decision to work with Avantes wasn’t hard to make”, says Cheng Wei. “Also, the fact that we have the opportunity to come together from time to time makes the partnership very pleasant. I remember the seminar in Beijing, where all the partners gathered. It was really nice to not only learn about Avantes’ new products, but also to communicate with the other partners and to learn from each other”, Cheng Wei concludes. 

Thank you for your time Cheng Wei, we are very proud of the partnership with Protrustech!


More information about Protrustech:
Website: www.protrustech.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/protrustech/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProTrusTech/