We are excited to announce the release of our newest software, AvaSoft 8.14. With new features and improvements, AvaSoft 8.14 is ready for the future. The software package is available for download on MyAvantes. Click the button below to login.

New features

  • Support for upcoming spectrometer models 
  • Convert large STR files to ASCII or Excel faster
  • Improvement of minimum integration time check 
  • Convert complete folders (including files) to Excel
  • New XE light source support with an adjustable maximum frequency added
  • Select a new or an existing file when converting raw data to Excel 
  • Spectrum3D windows show the last location used when opening STR files
  • “Live output to file”-option is added to the Ramanscope plugin 


  • Data from disabled spectrometers can’t be saved anymore
  • Correct showing of find peak label
  • Always saves live data to Excel when using single-scan measurements
  • Timeseries now works with connected Beam Splitter/FOS or Fiber Optic Switch

If you have any questions or need help downloading the software, feel free to contact our support engineers. Send an email to support@avantes.com, start a chat on our website or give us a call at +31 313 670 170. We are happy to help you!

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