Without our distributing partners, Avantes wouldn’t be the same. That’s why we would like to put them in the spotlight by introducing them with a short interview. This month in the spotlights; Mountain Photonics, located in Germany. We spoke with the team that works closely with us: Gabi Walling, Johannes Doerfler, and Fritz Tiede.

About Mountain Photonics
Mountain Photonics has been a distributor in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland since 2005. They support research and industry with a well-chosen range of products in the fields of optical metrology, light sources, lasers, and optomechanics. “Our goal is to add value to each device or system by our technical and customer-oriented advice that helps our customers to succeed. In addition, we are a manufacturer of integrating spheres, light sources, and optics, which are sold under our own brand Mountain Instruments”, Gabi tells us. “Our team of 9 people is a colorful mix of old hands and young horses. Among us are physicists, engineers, and career changers. And that’s what we end up with: many years of experience, technical and physical expertise, enthusiasm for photonics, creative ideas, and lots of fun at work”, she adds.

“On both sides, a lot of mutual trust, respect, and transparency is involved from which our customers benefit in the end”

About Gabi, Johannes and Fritz
There is a team of 3 who work closely with Avantes and their products. This team consists of Gabi Walling, Johannes Doerfler, and Fritz Tiede – the founder of Mountain Photonics. Gabi has been part of the team since the very beginning while Johannes started after his graduation as a physicist in 2017. While Gabi is a real mountain and nature lover, both guys are big fans of model airplanes and motorcycles. “In the past, there have been several Mountain Photonics tours – even with Avantes’ participation, as shown in the picture”, Johannes explains.

Mountain Photonics and Avantes
In 2005 the partnership between Mountain Photonics and Avantes started. “Avantes was our very first supplier”, tells Fritz. “For Mountain Photonics as a new company, Avantes offered us all we needed for a stable start: a well-balanced product portfolio, high-end instruments of excellent quality, and good communication at eye level. Today, almost 20 years later, we appreciate the highly reliable and long-term relationship with the Avantes team. On both sides, a lot of mutual trust, respect, and transparency is involved from which our customers benefit in the end”, he adds.

When we ask the trio what they like most about our partnership, they all agree on one thing: 
“What we remember very fondly and always look forward to are the annual distributor meetings. The presentations and training sessions are highly interesting, meeting the Avantes team is like meeting old friends. Also, the supporting program – from races in the two-man bobsled on the national team’s training track to a night boat trip on Amsterdam’s canals – marks the Avantes weekend as an absolute highlight in the Mountain Photonics calendar”.

We are very proud to call you our distributing partner and look forward to many more years!

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More about Mountain Photonics
Website: https://mountainphotonics.de
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mountain-photonics/