In light of our latest product introduction, the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR, we are sharing some application examples for this instrument in the weeks leading up to its official release.

This week’s topic: near-infrared spectroscopy in wheat and grain analysis

Wheat and other grains require analysis for protein content, which wheat pricing is based on. Some species of grains require a higher amount of nitrogen fertilizer than others to reach the desired protein content.

NIR spectroscopy can be used to measure protein levels and the equivalent nitrogen values in wheat for example though the development of calibration models. Acquiring this calibration data is the first step to developing variable-rate fertilizer systems for wheat farmers to optimize protein content in their harvest.

Besides measuring protein content, NIR spectroscopy can be used to manage plant health, detect disease and monitor grain development.


The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR is a compact, versatile near-infrared spectrometer that can be used in many different applications but is especially well suited for agricultural applications.