Due to the worldwide ban on halogen, big companies like Philips and OSRAM have stopped producing halogen light bulbs. This includes the ones we used in our AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini light sources. In spectroscopy, halogen bulbs are a much-needed asset for performing accurate measurements in the visible and NIR ranges.

To be able to continue the realization of various spectroscopy applications, Avantes had a custom halogen bulb developed to replace the AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini’s previous bulb with. This new bulb does not affect the appearance or performance of the light source and will ensure the availability of the AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini for the coming years. We also made sure that this new halogen bulb is backward-compatible with the previous version, so any previously installed bases can still be used.

The new version of the AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini will be available from 31 August 2020.

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