AvaSpec Spectrometer Interface Cables

AvaSpec Spectrometer Interface Cables
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Avantes offers a wide range of cables to connect your AvaSpec spectrometer to an AvaLight series light source or one of our many accessories (Fiber-optic switches, AvaTrigger, etc). In the table below, the cable options for your light source or accessories.

In the table below, the cable options for your light source or accessory application can be found. Please note that the cables generally are 2 meters long, but custom lengths are available on request.

Which cable is needed

Connect to Product code Description
RS-232 IC-DB26/DB9-2 Interface cable AvaSpec-USB2 platform DB26 male to RS232 DB9 female cable, 2m
USB2 IC-USB2-2 Interface cable AvaSpec to USB port on PC, 2m
AvaLight-S / AvaLight-XE IC-DB26-2 Interface cable AvaSpec-USB2 platform to DB15 for AvaLight-S with shutter for auto save dark / lamp off, AvaLight-XE control
BNC- Ext. Hardware Trigger IC-DB26-Extrig-BNC-2 Interface cable Avaspec-USB2 platform to BNC plug External trigger, 2m
External Hardware Trigger IC-Extrig-USB2 Interface cable AvaSpec-USB2 to External trigger pushbutton, 2m
RS-232 AvaLight-S / AvaLight-XE IC-DB26/DB9/DB15-2 Interface Y cable AvaSpec-USB2 platform to RS-232 (DB9) and AvaLight-S (DB15) with shutter for auto save dark/ lamp off, AvaLight-XE control
Avalight-S / Avalight-XE
External Hardware Trigger
IC-DB26-Extrig-USB2 Interface Y-cable AvaSpec-USB2 to External trigger pushbutton and AvaLight-S with shutter, 2m
IC-DB26-FOS2-2 Interface Y-cable AvaSpec-USB1 platform to FOS-2 and AvaLight-S with shutter, 2m
Other USB2 spectrometer IC-COAX-SMB-0.25 Synchronization coax cable with 2 SMB connectors 0.25m for Avaspec USB2 and EVO platforms