In addition to our InGaAs based NIRline spectrometers, Avantes offers a variety of instruments in the SensLine product family that are ideally suited for the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength region between 800 and 1160 nm.

These high-sensitivity, low-noise spectrometers employ high quantum efficiency back-thinned CCD detectors with excellent IR response. These instruments offer a more budget-friendly solution for this wavelength range in comparison to the InGaAs array instruments in the NIRline. The below models are available with our high-performance next-generation AS-7010 EVO USB3/ETH electronics.

The instruments are available as lab instruments or OEM modules and fully integratable with Avantes’ modular platform to function as standalone or as multi-channel instruments. Choose gratings IA, IB, NC and other options to help tailor your instrument to your precise application needs. For more information on NIR spectrometers, contact one of our knowledgeable sales engineers.

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