Sometimes a single-channel spectrometer is not enough, for example, when you want higher resolution or perform two redundant measurements simultaneously. The AvaSpec dual-channel spectrometers are designed specifically for this purpose. Each spectrometer can be configured independently. It is also possible to have different detector types in each channel.

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Product Information

Connections 2x USB3.0/ETH, 2x DB26, 2x SMB (sync), power connector
Dimensions, weight 175 x 165 x 85 mm, 1800 g
AvaSpec-EEEE-2-EVO Dual-channel AvaSpec-EVO fiber-optic spectrometer with two channels with the same detector in one housing, including synchronization cable. For both channels, specify detector type EEEE (ULS2048CL/ULS4096CL), grating, wavelength range and options