What are the length tolerances on fiber optic cables from Avantes?  

Avantes uses the following tolerances on all our cables:

Fiber cables shorter than 1 meter: +/- 5%
Fiber cables in between 1 and 7,5 meter: +/- 5cm
Fiber cables longer than 7,5 meter: +/- 10cm

These tolerances are valid unless otherwise stated  on a technical drawing or in the description of the product.

Can Avantes makes cables with higher tolerances?

Yes, we can make them more accurate.

This requires extra work due to material tolerances and the assembly of the fibers. Higher accuracies can be requested at your sales responsible. Add-on costs will apply for the extra work involved.

I cannot use your Windows DLL or Linux Library, what now?

You can use low-level communication with our spectrometers. We have documentation for the protocol available, including some demos for both RS232 and USB communication, for both Linux and Windows.

How can I save my data periodically?


Click here for a clear visual aid.

 Go to options menu from toolbar.

  1. Please select “Save  Spectra Periodically”
  2. Please select from the option “Save as Fast as Possible”.
  3. Enter the number of scans you need to save.

After your measurements your data has been saved in different Avasoft 8 files.

  1. Go to “File”
  2. Go to “Convert file to”
  3. Select “ASCII”

Select the  files you need to convert to ASCII files.

Now your files have been converted to ASCII files.

Can there be a difference in wavelength in the LED light source and the wavelength measured in Avasoft?

LEDs are made on a substrate, the wavelength depends on the materials and creation process. LEDs which do have a wavelength with smaller tolerances are 100 to 1000 times more expensive because they search for the correct wavelength in a complete batch. When the tolerance is ±5nm the cost price of the LED is reasonable for you as customer.

The catalog say that the optical power from a fiber is 200uW, why do I not measure it with the fiber connected to the spectrometer?

The total output of a fiber can only be measured when the fiber core is smaller than the slit size or coupled into a calibrated irradiance system. The slit of the spectrometer reduces the light that can be coupled into the spectrometer.

What is the lifetime of my bulb in my light source?

The life time of the bulb is the time where at least 50% of the bulbs still working. Some bulbs can work the double of the time and some bulbs break earlier, this also depends on the environmental conditions, in a hot climate the lifetime is shorter than in a cold climate.

How can I reduce the noise in the middle of a merged spectrum?

Click here for a clear visual aid.

  1. Reduce the noise in the middle of a merged spectrum:
  2. When the spectrometers have an overlap of 100nm to 200nm we can adjust the signal  for both spectrometers in the system options. The measurement settings can be changed to the requirements.                  
  3. For example we have an UV/VIS spectrometer up to 1100nm and a NIR spectrometer that begins at 1000nm. We can reduce the noise by set the stop wavelength of the UV/VIS spectrometer to 1075 and set the start wavelength of the NIR spectrometer to 1025 nm.
  4. In that case we use 50nm to merge the signal.
  5. This decreases the noise. By changing the values an optimum can be created .
  6. Then you can go further with merging the channels.

A new wavelength calibration has been performed on my spectrometer, but the coefficients are still in the old settings.


Click here for a clear visual aid

Please follow the procedure described below to activate the new calibration settings.

-          Connect the spectrometer to the computer using the USB2 cable.

-          Start Avasoft.

-          1) Go to “settings”.                        

-          2) Go to “Wavelength Coefficients”.

-          3) Click on “restore factory settings” button.

The new coefficients are now loaded into the EEPROM


Can I disconnect the fiber of a irrad-calibrated spectrometer?

When the spectrometer is calibrated without an FC-PC connector, by disconnecting the fiber the irrad-calibration will not be valid anymore.
If the spectrometer is calibrated with an FC-PC connector, it is allowed to disconnect and reconnect the fiber while maintaining the calibration.


I cannot make connection to Ethernet with my EVO spectrometer. How can I solve this?

  • First make sure your firewall settings are not blocking the Ethernet connection to your spectrometer. Our spectrometer uses port 2400. Please make sure the port number 2400 is allowed through the firewall. It is important that you understand firewall systems before you open this port. It is advised that your network administrator is aware of any changes that is proposed here.
  • Check if you have the right firmware installed on your spectrometer. The firmware that you need for your spectrometer needs to be version See below screenshot how to check this. If your firmware version is older than version and your firewall is not blocking your Ethernet connection, please send an email to to upgrade your firmware.
  • Check if you have the right DLL version onto your computer. The DLL version that is needed should be DLL version or newer. This DLL version comes with Avasoft 8.5 or higher. If you have an older version of the DLL, please download the latest version of our software from our website. See below printscreen where to find the DLL version.


AvaSoft faq

If your firmware version is older than version and your firewall is not blocking your Ethernet connection, please send an email to to upgrade your firmware.



How can I synchronize my spectra with laser firing using TTL signal or analog signal?

Click here for clear visual aid

Please select Options from the toolbar.

  1. Please select “Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy”
  2. Select the number of measurements and the number of averages.
  3. Select the delay between the laser and the measurement.

How can I download the latest version of the DLL package that I use?

Please register on our website. If you want to download a DLL or Linux Library package, you will have to register as an OEM customer.  In that case, please contact our Support department () to apply for access to Software download area of our website.

What Linux support does Avantes offer?

We have the Linux library available for a number of Linux distributions in the OEM download area of our website. If you want to download a Linux Library package, you will have to register as an OEM customer. In that case, please contact our Support Department () to apply for access to the download area of our website.

If your version of Linux is not supported, or if you insist on having all source code, we have documentation available for the low-level protocol that is used by our spectrometers. We can also supply some demos for RS232 and USB communication (using libusb 1.0), with source code in C++/QT. Please contact us for more information.

Does the Avantes software support 64 bit Windows?

The latest version of AvaSoft does support 64 bit Windows.

AvaSoft is still 32 bit software, but it will work fine under 64 bit Windows. If you must program in 64 bit, e.g. when using 64 bit MATLAB or LabVIEW, we have available a 64 bit version of the AvaSpec-DLL.


How can I reach the latest version of Avasoft?

You can find our latest version of Avasoft on our website,

First you have to register an account. You can do this by going to the register button in the right top of the start page.

After you have registered, you are able to download the latest version of Avasoft by going to “support”, “downloads”.

Which programming samples are offered with your DLL packages

For the AvaSpec.DLL:

C++ Builder (Embarcadero)

Delphi (Embarcadero)

LabView (National Instruments)

Matlab (MathWorks)

Visual Basic .net (Microsoft)

Visual C# (Microsoft)

Managed Visual C++ (Microsoft)


For the 64 bit AvaSpec.DLL:

LabView (National Instruments)

Matlab (MathWorks)

OxyGene (RemObjects Software, this language was called ‘Delphi Prism’ in the past)

Native Visual C++ / Qt (Microsoft / Digia)

Visual Basic .net (Microsoft)

Visual C# (Microsoft)

Managed Visual C++ (Microsoft)


For the Linux library:

C++ / Qt (Open Source / Digia)

I lost my Avantes CD, how do I get a new one?

You can order a copy of the CD at
However, it is easier and faster to download the software and manual from our website.

The USB spectrometer is not recognized by the AvaSoft Software, what can I do?

First, check if the spectrometer is powered by USB or externally.

Is the spectrometer powered by USB, then check if the green LED is ON at the front.
Make sure the PC sound is ON. When you connect the spectrometer, you should hear a sound.

If the board is externally powered, check the 12V adapter. Check the voltage of the main source.
The power switch at the back of the spectrometer must be switched to external power state, then check if the green LED at the front of the board is on .

If the green LED won't turn on, install the driver and check again.

How does the license works?

The license is programmed into the memory of the spectrometer. This is recognized by AvaSoft and will unlock all requested possibilities of the software. You can download and install the software on as many computers as you like, there is no limitation.

Where can I find the software?

You can download the software from our website. You need to login to have access. After registration you will have a confirmation email which contains a link to activate your account. After activation, you will have full access.

Should you encounter problems during the activation process, then please e-mail us at , stating your username and the problem you encountered.

Repair procedure

What is the procedure to send hardware for repair?


To achieve a fast and efficient processing of returns, we have an RMA procedure. This RMA procedure is part of our quality system which focuses in particular on the quality of our service and to an efficient handling of returns.

Step 1 Contact Avantes

Telephone +31 313 670 170

North America
Telephone: +1 303 410 8668

Telephone: +86 10 8457 4045

Explain the Avantes support engineer your problem. If the problem can’t be solved remotely, you will be advised to return your product.

Step 2 RMA number

Any consignment arriving at Avantes must refer to an RMA  (Returned Material Authorization) number. Contact your local representative or one of our offices to obtain an RMA number. You will receive an RMA form by e-mail.

Step 3 Did the problem occur during the warranty period?

Please read our terms and conditions.

If you claim warranty, please enclose evidence within the package.

This evidence includes:

  • Original Invoice
  • Image of the product sticker

Damages caused by falls, bumps, sand, water, chemicals, electrical discharges, careless or improper use or operation, handling or storage, etc. cannot be repaired under warranty.

Attempts to repair the product yourself can cause void warranty. We will check if the product seal is undamaged. 
When warranty terms are violated, you will receive a report and a quotation.

Step 4 Send the product to Avantes

Ensure proper protective packaging that is tightly sealed. Please attach the RMA form clearly visible to the outside of the box.

To ensure that products will not be returned unrepaired, we ask you to enclose a clear description of the complaint.

You can also send an e-mail to . Describe in this e-mail your complaint together with the RMA number, product serial number and your address where the product can be sent to after repair.

Send the package to Avantes. All postage is responsibility of the customer. Freight collect or COD will be refused.

Step 5 Repair

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by Avantes. Service and Support informs you about the expected delivery date.

When we are not able to reproduce your complaint, we will contact you.

When costs are implied, you receive a quotation. The product will be repaired when Service and Support receives your order.

After repair a report is made and send to the customer, together with his product.

Step 6 Product is returned to the owner

The product is returned to the address you provided. We may contact you afterwards to evaluate the repair and to check satisfaction.

Order status

How can I check the status of my order?

Contact your local Avantes representative with your request, or contact Avantes Customer Service at one of our offices:

Telephone +31 313 670 170

North America
Telephone: +1 303 410 8668

Telephone: +86 10 8457 4045