AvaSpec services and calibrations

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Why Avantes for these applications?

  • For your research but also for OEM solutions
  • Compact technology enabling use in portable and handheld devices
  • High unit-to-unit reproducibility
  • Custom specific requirements
  • Real time monitoring

Spectroscopy is a very good measurements technique for a lot of environmental applications. At present, there is a great need to identify and trace chemical contaminants, especially organic compounds, as they have negative impact on our the environment. We can distinguish soil pollutions, water pollutions and air pollutions. Furthermore the awareness that our resources are limited forces us to optimalize the possibilities in the recycling industry. Here spectroscopy provides an important tool for analysing and improving the developments. 

The monitoring of contaminants in ground water is of particular concern because of the difficulty of real time, in situ analysis that not only indicates the presence of, but can quantitate and identify contaminants and their products produced in situ. Further, there exists a need for real time monitoring of contaminants in the atmosphere.

Avantes spectrometers are used in various applications, like

  • Atmosphere:
  • Detecting Forest Fires, more info
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) More info
  • Measuring Ammonia in the environment (DOAS: Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) More info
  • Water analysis
  • Soil