The SensLine series of products is Avantes’ response to customers who require higher performance demanding spectroscopy applications such as fluorescence, luminescence, and Raman. The SensLine product range includes several high-sensitivity, low-noise spectrometers. Several of these instruments feature back-thinned detector technology, some of which feature our high-performance, thermoelectrically cooled detectors. The other models feature standard CCDs, upgraded to high-performing instruments as a result of Avantes’ unique detector cooling technology. The back-thinned CCD detectors featured in the SensLine series are high-quantum efficiency detectors with excellent response in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared range from 200 to 1160 nm.

All AvaSpec SensLine instruments are fully integrated with Avantes’ modular platform, allowing them to function as both standalone and multi-channel instruments. These products are fully compatible with other spectrometer devices in our SensLine and NIRLine series. Every instrument in the AvaSpec SensLine is available as a lab instrument or an OEM module for integration into customers’ existing systems. 

Avantes’ innovative ultra-low stray light (ULS), revolutionary high-sensitivity (HS), and optimum compromise (HSC) optical benches are the core optical technologies in the AvaSpec SensLine. These highly stable optical benches, combined with our high-performance circuit boards, deliver high-performing instruments at affordable prices.

All instruments of the SensLine series are designed to provide features such as:

  • High stability
  • High sensitivity
  • High-speed acquisition
  • Low noise

To learn more about all the available options and to find the perfect setup that matches your needs, feel free to discuss your requirements with our sales engineers. The possibilities are virtually endless!

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