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The new AvaSpec-HERO is the answer for those who are in need of high resolution and high sensitivity! This spectrometer combines the best of both worlds. So no longer needed to make a choice for the best resolution combining with high sensitivity. 

The AvaSpec-HERO is build up around our High Sensitivity Compact 100mm optical bench offering a NA of 0.13 and a cooled Backthinned Detector (1024x58 pixels). For the electronics the newest AS7010 board is used including a High Performance Analog to Digital convertor with excellent noise performance and the ability to communicate high speed through USB 3.0 and Ethernet.

The combination of these two state of the art components will give you an excellent instrument offering the ideal balance between sensitivity and resolution, capability of using longer integration times in low light applications yet ensuring perfect signal to noise performance transferred by the latest communication standards. A real Hero for your application! Find out why a recent Food Industry OEM customer had this to say:

We knew almost right away when we got our hands on the HERO that it was a superior instrument, but it is becoming even more apparent just how much better the HERO is in virtually every aspect of performance.

Read the Full Testimonial, Click Here

The Avaspec-HERO is standard equipped for use with replaceable slits, offering optimal flexibility for a variety of apllications. The combination of all the above makes the AvaSpec-Hero your ideal companion for all your spectroscopic measurements.



Optical Bench

 High-sensitivity symmetrical design 100 mm focal length; NA - 0.13

Wavelength range  200 - 1160nm
Resolution  0.2 - 7 nm, depending on configuration (see table)
Stray light  0.5%, depening on the grating
Sensitivity (counts/µW per ms int. time)  445,000 counts/µW per ms integration time

CCD array image sensor with one stage TE Cooled, 1024 pixels

Signal/Noise  1200:1
Dynamic Range  40.000
AD converter  16 bit, 250 kHz
Integration time  5.2ms - 60 sec
Interface  USB 3.0 high speed, 5 Gbps, gigabit Ethernet 1 Gbps
Digital IO  HD-26 connector, 2 Analog in, 2 Analog out, 3 Digital bidirectional, trigger, synchronization, strobe, laser
Sample speed with on-board averaging  5.2 ms / scan
Data transfer speed

 5.2 ms / scan (USB3 and ETH)

Power supply  12VDC, 1.5A
Dimensions, weight  185 x 161 x 185 mm , 3500 grams


Use Useable range  Spectral range (nm) Lines/mm Blaze (nm) Order code
UV/VIS/NIR 200-1160 770-760* 300 300 HSC0300-0.30
UV/VIS/NIR 200-1160 770-760* 300 420 HSC0300-0.42
VIS/NIR 200-1160 577-553 400 550 HSC0400-0.55
UV/VIS 200-1160 373-345* 600 400 HSC0600-0.40
UV/NIR 200-1160 373-345* 600 650 HSC0600-0.65
VIS/NIR 200-1160 268-220* 830 900 HSC0830-0.90
UV/VIS 200-930 182-130* 1200 400 HSC1200-0.40
VIS/NIR 200-930 182-130* 1200 750 HSC1200-0.75
UV/VIS 200-500 84-61* 2400 270 HSC2400-0.27

* depends on the starting wavelength of the grating; the higher the wavelength, the bigger the dispersion and the smaller the range to select.


Slit size (µm)
Grating (lines/mm) 10 25 50 100 200
300 1.70 1.9 2.45 3.0 5.50
400 1.4 1.55 2.00 2.55 4.70
600 0.80 0.85 1.10 1.70 3.00
830 0.60 0.70 0.90 1.25 2.00
1200 0.32 0.35 0.48 0.80 1.30
2400 0.18 0.20 0.29 0.40 0.65

* Above values are average values. Due to optical properties resolution will be better in the lower wavelengths than in the higher wavelength range.

Order Info


AvaSpec-HERO; High sensitivity fiber optic spectrometer, HSC 100mm bench design, 1024x58 pixel back illum TE cooled CCD detector, high-speed USB 3.0 and ETH interface, including AvaSoft-Basic, USB interface cable, specify grating, wavelength range and options


SLIT-XX-RS Replaceable slit with SMA connector, specificy slit size XX=10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 µm.
SLIT-XX-RS-FCPC As SLIT-XX-RS, but with FC/PC connector
SLITKIT-SMA Slit kit containing 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 μm slits, and the tools to replace the slit. SMA-connectors

As SLITKIT-SMA, but with FC/PC connectors

OSF-YYY-3 Order sorting filter for reduction of 2nd order effects, 3 mm thick, please specify YYY= 305, 395, 475, 515, 550, 600 nm
OSC-HSC300 Order sorting coating for use with grating HSC0300-xx
OSC-HSC600 Order sorting coating for use with grating HSC0600-xx and HSC0400-xx


folder AvaSoft  spectroscopy software
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