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For measurements in the NIR region of 900 to 2500 nm, Avantes has developed a line-up of NIRLine spectrometers. Starting at the affordable AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7, also available with replaceable slit, the line-up features the most sensitive cooled near infrared spectrometers on the market, up to 2500 nm.

The NIRLine is comprised of both thermo-electrically cooled and un-cooled instruments. AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 features an uncooled 256 pixel InGaAs detector.  All other instruments in the NIRLine have thermo-electric, peltier-cooled InGaAs detectors which support cooling down to -25°C against ambient. AvaSpec NIRLine instruments are fully compatible with our AvaSpec StarLine and SensLine spectrometers. Avantes’ AvaSpec NIRLine instruments are available as laboratory instruments or OEM modules. AvaSpec NIRLine instruments are available with a number of premium options such as irradiance/intensity calibration and non-linearity calibration.The AvaSpec NIRLine of instruments are designed to perform in a variety of applications such as:

  • Moisture content measurement of
  • liquids, solids and powders for inline
  • and quality control purposes
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurement of volatile organics such as ethanol, and methanol
  • Plastic characterization and material identification
  • Irradiance measurements, such as solar monitoring
  • Qualitative measurements of feed and food

Selected models feature the High Sensitivity/Low Noise setting, an easy choice between the highest possible sensitivity and he lowest possible noise, right from AvaSoft 8.

Theoretical background about Spectrometers